Developing Your People


Generating New Actions to Get Results

As a leader, you’d like to improve the results of your business. Everyone on your team would!…

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Share Your Wisdom

When I was reading Harvey Mackay’s Nationally Syndicated Column: Words of Wisdom from Successful People, I thought,…

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Succession Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

Last week, I gave two presentations at the National Association of Workforce Professionals’ annual conference in San…

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Business Coaching

Exceptional Leaders Are Exceptional Coaches

I love the leader who can coach. Leaders who can effectively coach their people are generally successful…

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Your Competitive Advantage

                In my research, I came across this trifecta of…

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Develop an Innovative Mindset

Yesterday, I presented to a group of meeting professionals in Phoenix about developing an innovative mindset. I…

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Exceptional Leaders Watch for Cracks

Have you ever been surprised by something you didn’t see coming, then after a more detailed review,…

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Never Think You’ve “Made” It

The leaders of the toy retailer Toys R Us recently decided it’s no longer fun and games…

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