Developing Your People


Business Coaching

Exceptional Leaders Are Exceptional Coaches

I love the leader who can coach. Leaders who can effectively coach their people are generally successful...

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Your Competitive Advantage

                In my research, I came across this trifecta of...

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Develop an Innovative Mindset

Yesterday, I presented to a group of meeting professionals in Phoenix about developing an innovative mindset. I...

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Exceptional Leaders Watch for Cracks

Have you ever been surprised by something you didn’t see coming, then after a more detailed review,...

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Never Think You’ve “Made” It

The leaders of the toy retailer Toys R Us recently decided it’s no longer fun and games...

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Leaders Don’t Go Phishing

This week, I received an email from a person I know. The message encouraged me to download...

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Bad Behavior Comes with Consequences

Some leaders look the other way when a star performer displays bad behavior. What does this communicate?...

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Re-Visiting 10 Success Rules

I recently reviewed Herbert N. Casson’s Ten Success Rules to give myself a reality check. You may...

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