The Leadership and Learning Podcast


Episode #71 – Steve Klessig ‘Great Leaders Give Back’

Steve Klessig, VP Architecture & Engineer of Wisconsin based Keller, Inc talks leadership with host Randy Goruk….

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Episode #70 – The Mass Timber Movement with Hardy Wentzel

Mass Timber is taking North America by storm. Impressive structures are popping up everywhere. Building codes are…

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Episode #69 – Ward Lumber Company is Now an Employee Owned Cooperative

Jay Ward of Ward Lumber describes how and why he took a family-owned business and turned it into an employee owned cooperative.

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Leadership Workshops, Seminars, Training

Episode #68 – Path to Leadership Excellence

What does it take to be a Leader of Excellence?

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Episode #67 Be a Better Leader – Improve Your Listening Skills Description

Host Randy Goruk shares a little content from his Coaching Skills Course and a handful of practical techniques and tips to becoming a more effective listener.

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Episode #66 – The Leaders Impact on Culture

The actions leaders can take to repair a broken or damaged company culture.

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Episode #65 – An Update Message from Podcast Host Randy Goruk

Learn why there is such a big gap in time between this episode and the last episode of The Leadership and Learning Podcast … and how it is now fixed.

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Episode #64 The Customer Communication Formula with Charlotte Purvis

Accomplished customer service consultant, coach, trainer, speaker and customer service enthusiast, Charlotte Purvis discuss customer service and her new book ‘The Customer Communication Formula – How to communicate with your customers and boost your customer service brand.’

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