Episode #71 – Steve Klessig ‘Great Leaders Give Back’

Steve Klessig, VP Architecture & Engineer of Wisconsin based Keller, Inc talks leadership with host Randy Goruk….

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Communicate for Engagement

I’m fortunate to know many exceptional leaders. When I consider what makes them exceptional, I see how…

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Productivity Roadblocks

Many leaders are challenged with completing everything they need to before the day ends. They may miss…

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Episode #70 – The Mass Timber Movement with Hardy Wentzel

Mass Timber is taking North America by storm. Impressive structures are popping up everywhere. Building codes are…

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Where Have All the Goals Gone?

Is it possible the COVID-19 pandemic has robbed us of setting personal goals? Yes. With as much…

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Episode #69 – Ward Lumber Company is Now an Employee Owned Cooperative

Jay Ward of Ward Lumber describes how and why he took a family-owned business and turned it into an employee owned cooperative.

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In Honor of Mother’s Day – 2021

With what we’ve all been through in the past year, I want to share a few nuggets…

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Leadership Workshops, Seminars, Training

Episode #68 – Path to Leadership Excellence

What does it take to be a Leader of Excellence?

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