Speaking Engagements


Nurture and Build Your Network

A communication oversight emerging and established leaders often make is not nurturing and building their professional network….

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7 – Characteristics of Exceptional Leaders

When someone asks about the importance of leaders being coaches, I have strong opinions. I think leaders…

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Produce More Leaders

Ralph Nader, a consumer activist, lawyer and author once said, “I start with the premise that the…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day To All Leaders

When we think of St. Patrick’s Day we think of a lot of different things.  Things like,…

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Making Your Decisions Count

One of the great things about being the leader is that you get to make final decisions…

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Randy Goruk Keynote Presentation

Onward and Upward

The Progressive Affiliated Lumbermen (PAL) invited Randy Goruk to deliver the keynote message and a leadership development session at their 2014 Business Conference and Buyers Show in Orlando.  Read more about the presentations and what PAL did special for their attendees.

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