Employee Engagement


Bad Decision or Great Preparation ?

If you watched the Super Bowl this past weekend like 114 million other people, you must have…

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Lead Like Someone Is Watching

You may have heard the saying, ‘Dance like nobody’s watching.’   I’m not sure where it originated,…

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Look for the Cracks

Often when I speak about the importance for leaders to embrace accountability, I tell the Hurricane Katrina…

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Avoid Scope Creep

Do you have a number of initiatives that you and / or your team are working on…

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Choose Considerate Over Inconsiderate

Maybe it’s me … but generally speaking, have people gotten more and more inconsiderate ? In recent…

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How to Avoid Failing

After one of my recent leadership tips, someone asked me my opinion of the primary causes why…

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Randy Goruk Keynote Presentation

Onward and Upward

The Progressive Affiliated Lumbermen (PAL) invited Randy Goruk to deliver the keynote message and a leadership development session at their 2014 Business Conference and Buyers Show in Orlando.  Read more about the presentations and what PAL did special for their attendees.

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